What makes CITRON® paint extraordinary?

If fine artists have been creating gorgeous colors for a thousand years, why are most house paint colors so lousy? It's all about the mixing! Most paint companies use just two colorants and black. Since black deadens color, artists avoid it and so do we. Beauty comes from using lots of pigment, most of them in tiny amounts. CITRON® full spectrum paint is blended with eight to sixteen pigments, and we never use black. The result: luminous, rich color that feels alive on your walls.

Of course, it helps if you create colors only using the best ingredients. What is the best? Resins that are made from 100% acrylics and the whitest titanium dioxide establish the foundation of CITRON's® fresh colors.

Drenching your home in CITRON® paint transforms your space, so you can feel warm or happy or cozy. Now don't you want to see our yummy colors? Click below!