It's hard to describe just how wonderful color consultations are, but suffice it to say, they're a blast!

I like to keep things as simple as possible, because interior architectural color gets so specific.

I usually start with the question, "How do you want your home to feel?"

Some of the moods my clients and I have created together are: warm, inviting, dramatic, cozy, romantic, serene, spacious and clean.

I believe you know best, you just need some help defining it.

I'm your guide and your advocate to make sure the best is what you get.

A CITRONョ playful color consultation includes:
     - two hours with c j
     - a detailed color story for your home
     - a discount on paint purchases
     - and $300 worth of luminous CITRONョ paint!

all this for only $650 (in the Tucson area). If you don't live near Tucson, no problem!
CJ travels within the Arizona southwest plus she does phone consultations!
Call us for more information, or to make our day by booking your appointment, at 520.886.5800