the foyer was always a good space, it just overloaded my brain with sponged walls & painted borders & tile & colors & faux sky etc... i also felt a bit squashed stepping into the room. the ceiling wanted to be higher & flowing, so i designed it as a softened moroccan arch. by adding a delicious, antique french lantern to throw shadows onto the shifting colors, the space became elegant.

[paint colors: #92 smooth stones, #85 sugar cone, #78 camel hair]

the foyer opens to the original dining room. what a space! it’s hard to go wrong when a room’s got great dimensions, nice height, big windows, & big light. my husband, rick suggested it for my studio & i’m so grateful for his wisdom & foresight. the whole family uses the worktable & computer, so it’s a happy extension of the kitchen/center of our home.

my focus for a mouthwatering studio was finding new doors & a completely smoochy light. i found dreamy double doors whose transom echoes the arch in the foyer. it took 6 months, but they are seriously perfect. the right light was eluding me, though. i knew it had to be outrageous, something no one in her right mind would choose & something so righteous that any other light would look wrong. hmmm.

my uncle brian casually mentioned that he had “the perfect light”. i knew the piece well: we had been introduced, a bit impolitely, 30 years before. originally, it had hung in the largest ballroom in new york city. brian bought the light from a salvage firm, & installed it in a home he & my aunt vicki were remodeling. i was living in their guest house at the time & was helping their daughter, mercedes, hang the crystals. when the 72” chandelier broke off the ceiling, i was on a ladder underneath, reaching up to hang another prism. needless to say, i was knocked off the ladder & onto my tush. yep, i knew this light personally (so did my shin, knee & hip). despite the rather unceremonious beginning, it was the chandelier of my dreams. a huge kiss & many, many thanks to brian & vicki. smooch!

[paint colors: #57 rillito, #53 mystery novel, #43 psr & t, #56 beach house, #30 honey hair]

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