all about CITRON paint
CITRON paint is water based and made from acrylic resins (the good stuff). It cleans easily with soap and water. Please keep in mind that different sheen levels can read differently in your space. fan decks are made in our matte finish.

matte: It's completely flat and has a rich & velvelty look. It's best in low-use rooms, as it can scuff & is less washable than other finishes. c j uses it everywhere but doesn't mind retouching. All ceilings should be matte.

silk: This finish has a slight sheen. It's more resistant to marking & is more washable. It looks best on a well-finished wall, as any sheen level can highlight imperfections. It's the lowest sheen choice for a bathroom & great for baseboards, trim & doors.

pearl: Its medium sheen is lower than a semi-gloss. It's resistant to stains & scuffs. This is a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens with a low backsplash, areas near water & rooms with very heavy traffic.

coverage: CITRON paints cover 300-400 square feet per gallon on average. Coverage depends on the color & surface you want to paint. Walls with more porosity & walls with greater texture generally require more paint. Dark colors can require 3 coats. We recommend painting at least 2 coats for all colors, so the luminosity can shine through.