When designer C J Volk created a line of clothing, she became obsessed with color. She began dyeing silk when available colors proved limited. As she made the transition from textile design to interior design, her love of beautiful color didn't fade. She again found herself going to extremes to create better paint.

Her clients wanted to add lovely hues to their homes, but after experiencing the unpredictability of paint, they had lost confidence in their color sense.  Investigating the formulas, C J was shocked to discover that most use only two or three pigments, and that the use of black pigment is widespread.

C J ended up on a mission to create beautiful interior paint colors. She learned about full spectrum mixing (lots of pigments, no black), and began creating her own recipes. One color at a time, she mixed until she fashioned the perfect colors for her clients. These luminous, full spectrum mixtures are complex blends of 8-15 pigments, never using black, of course, since it makes colors muddy. And, since everyone has trouble picking paint, her studio is set up to make color selection fun: fan deck, paint boards, and a friendly staff that speaks color fluently.

Several years later, Citron® Paint has a loyal following. Most find color names like puppy fur, tarnished silver and grass stains lively and fun, but their names are truly descriptive of the colors they represent.